Builders | Clash of Clans

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Builders are one of the most important pieces of Clash of Clans. Without them, nothing would be possible, since they are the ones who make the buildings. Builders live in the Builder’s Hut. These buildings are as important and useful as difficult to get. When you first start the game, you already have one Builder. The second one costs Gems, and you are forced to purchase it. Getting these two Builders is easy since one is for free and the other is compulsory. The problem comes later when you want to start building and you must wait until the two builders are free because getting a third one has a cost of 500 gems and if you don’t want to spend money on the game, the only solution is to be patient. Builders have a funny appearance with a golden tooth, a hammer in one hand and their huge belt. These Builders are in charge of upgrading, building and rebuilding structures. They can also upgrade your heroes and remove the obstacles in your base such as trees, rocks or bushes. A huge disadvantage of the Builders is that it can only work on a building at one time, which can be very frustrating if you want to hurry. A piece of advice is to save your gems to buy new Builders and although it is sometimes hard to do, do not spend them on resources or finishing an upgrade. You must learn to be very patient here. As we have said before, getting builders without spending real money is pretty difficult. The third one has a cost of 500 gems; the third one doubles this amount and costs 1,000 gems. The last one, since the game only allows you to have 5 Builders Huts, comes at the price of 2,000. So, in summary, the things you will have to remember are that you can only have 5 Builders, one of them is free and the other is compulsory. That you will know that a Builder is inactive because of the z’s in the Builder’s Hut, so you can assign him a job. If you have enough resources Builders will be able to upgrade everything but troops. Now that you know some of these character’s features, you can start building your village and making an impenetrable fortress of it!

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