Clash Of Magic APK Download – S1 | S2 | S3 | S4

Clash Of Magic APK Download – S1 | S2 | S3 | S4
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Clash of Magic Apk Download 2019: If you ever have played Clash of clans or if you still playing this adventures strategic game, then I am pretty much sure that you possibly have heard about the Clash of magic, which is a popular private server of Clash of Clans.

As all we know, the Clash of Clans game is all about collecting Exilir, Gold, and Gems, etc then utilizing them on your defense and the troops to win the battle. But, collecting all this stuff takes a long time. And there is no hack or trick to bypass. But just wonder, how it would be if you will don’t have to wait for such a long time? Just imagine, if you could purchase or unlock anything for free in one-click? Sounds cool?

Yeah, it is possible with the Clash of Magic Private Server APK, the clashers universe where they have all potentials pre-unlocked.

Clash of magic is something that all the COC players will love to use. Because it allows you to do the tasks easily in one-click without wasting time. Furthermore, if we talk about the server specifications, then Clash of Magic has powerful servers – S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 for Android as well as for the IOS devices too. As of now, the latest release of the server is labeled as v10.322.

So, above was our quick intro about the Clash of Magic Private server. Now, we will discuss this private server in details below. So, please go through the article until the end.

Clash of Magic APK Download For Android and IOS

App NameClash Of Magic
SizeBelow 100 Mb
PlatformAndroid & IOS
Downloads1 Million+
Last UpdatedMarch 2019

Clash of Magic Private server is available for both the types of devices like Android as well as for IOS. You will have equal features and gameplay performance in both platforms. There is no missing feature in this private server. The Clash of Magic has all the in-built features of the official Clash of Clans, even it has some addon things that you will surely love to use.

Clash of Magic Apk – (Features)

Now, let’s take a look over the features of Clash of Magic private server in detail one-by-one below.

Unlimited Freedom

On this server, you have unlimited freedom over the gold, exilir, gems, and troops, etc. You can use as many resources as you can. There is no any limitations and restrictions on the server.

Secure & Powerful Servers

The servers of Clash of Magic are powered by 32 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 8 Core CPUs, 1024 GB SSD with 100 MBPS of network speed. Furthermore, the server is DDOS protected which ensures 99.99% of guaranteed uptime with top-level security.


This COC private server is available for both the platforms, Android & IOS. Users of both platforms can enjoy this COC mod on their devices without any issue.


The servers, including – S1, S2 S3 S4, are highly stable. You will not have to face any downtime and lag while playing this game. The servers are 27/7  online without any interruptions.

Frequent Updates

Clash of Magic private servers is always updated with the official clash of clans version. All the new feature that comes in the original clash of clans automatically gets pulled up in the private server. Frequent updates ensure good performance and high-uptime for the players.

Download Clash of Magic Private Server For Android & IOS

Below, we have listed out all the private servers of Clash of Magic for both the platforms.

Download Clash of Magic APK for Android

Download Clash of Magic For IOS

Note: In case, if any of the links are’nt woking, then you can shoot us in the comments below.

Other private servers:

How To Install Clash Of Magic Apk On Android

Follow the below steps to install Clash of Magic Apk on your Android device right now.

  1. First of all, go to Android Settings > Security/Privacy.
  2. Now, tap on Unknown sources option under the device administration tab.
  3. Then hit the “dragger” to Turn it On.
  4. Once done, download Clash of Magic Apk using the link above.
  5. Then, tap on it to open.
  6. Now, tap on the “Install” button to proceed with the installation process.
  7. Once installed, tap on the open button to launch the COC Private Server Apk.


No doubt, Clash of Magic is one of the best private servers that exists right now. It is highly stable, secure and powerful. The great thing about this private server is that it has 4 different servers with various types of mods. Users can choose the server as per their prefrences. Overall, Clash of Magic is an amazing private server that you can use right now.

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