Dragon | Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is a strategy game developed by Supercell. In this game you will find many features such as placing defensive, resource, army and many other buildings, attacking enemies and defending from them and troops.  Troops can be trained in barracks and are used to win trophies either against the goblins or against other players. There are two different kinds of troops, the normal ones, which require elixir or dark elixir and the Hero troops (Archer Queen and Barbarian King), which are the most powerful ones. The normal troops are formed by 15 different fighters. Some of these fighters are the dragons. These creatures, together with Healers and P.E.K.K.As are very powerful and can defeat the defences and a whole village easily; in fact, they are the most powerful creatures apart from the Hero ones. The problem is that they cost a very high amount of elixir. Now we are going to focus on the dragon, a terrifying creature without mercy. A dragon is a flying unit that can attack ground and air units with his flames and who has ranged and splash damage. It does not have a particular target, but it aims at whatever is nearest to him, and when it attacks it does short-range splash damage. If you want to defend yourself from Dragons, since they are one of the most powerful units, a good strategy would be to place your air defences behind your primary line of defences. This way, they won’t be attacked and destroyed too early. If you wish to attack with dragons a good point would be to combine them with Balloons. Due to its high Elixir cost, they are most used to get Trophies than to steal resources. Dragons can be upgraded for 4 levels. Upgrading him means graphics changes but also more damage and a higher training cost.
  • In level 1 the Dragon’s skin is green.
  • In level 2 its skin turns purple.
  • In level 3 Dragon’s skin becomes dark brown.
  • And finally in level 4, its skin turns deep red and its eyes start to flame.
So to sum up, despite being expensive and taking a long time to train, dragons are very powerful creatures and are used by almost every top player of Clash of Clans.

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