Mortar | Clash Of Clans

Mortar | Clash Of Clans
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In Clash of Clans you must bear in mind that a strong defence is as important as having an effective offence, and sometimes, it can be even more important.

Among the different types of buildings that Clash of Clans offers to place, we find the defensive buildings. These buildings can be used to protect your resources and safeguard trophies from enemy troops. You should place your defensive buildings in the right place, since not every defence works the same way; in fact each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Now we are going to focus on the powerful Mortar.

The mortar is one of the heavy defences that you will find on Clash of Clans that shots an explosive shell.

Advantages of the Mortar

  • They are effective and have a high damage per attack.
  • They deal splash damage.
  • Every 5 seconds, they blast out an explosive shell.
  • They are deadly weapons against Barbarians, Goblins and Archers, the weaker enemies.

Disadvantages of the Mortar

  • They cannot reach and attack enemies at a close range.
  • They have a low rate of fire.
  • The Mortar’s shell takes much time to recharge.
  • Due to that, fast troops, such as Goblins can get close to it and destroy the Mortar.
  • Air troops can’t be targeted by the Mortar.

Given these advantages and disadvantages you should try to place your Mortar in the centre of your base, and if possible surrounded by Walls. This way, it can eliminate the attacking troops while they are quiet far from it.

If you want some advice, try to place the Mortar next to a Wizard Tower, since the Mortar can reach a large area and the Wizard Tower covers the Mortar from air troops and it protects its blind spot

Mortars can be upgraded up to 8 levels. It suffers some visual changes, for example, on the first level it is solid a black tube and fires a gray stone shell, in level 6 the tube becomes golden and the shell turns to a golden fiery ball. On the last level, level 8 the Mortar is metallic and has fire inside.

Finally, we must say that despite its disadvantages, the Mortar is a very useful and strong ground defence. If it is placed in its right spot and it is used with a good strategy, it can be deadly for many troops.

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