Walls | Clash of Clans

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In Clash of Clans, the strategy game of the moment, you will be able to place walls around your village and your most precious goods. Walls are used to keeping your village safe and your enemies out. If you want to have a well-defended village, wall placement is one of the most important points to consider. Walls will be very useful for you to defend your village since they are able to resist a lot of damage from enemies that attack you. The first thing you should know is that in order to have effective walls, they must be 100% closed, this means that there can’t be any space without wall or your enemies will sneak in. Using the edges of the map, the buildings or decorations as barriers is a mistake since the troops will just walk on them. Be careful! Air units (Balloons, Dragons and Minions) and ground units under the effect of a Jump Spell can avoid walls! Beware the Wall Breakers as well, since walls are their target and destroy them immediately, which means that the ground unit will have access to your fortress. Try to place walls around defensive buildings, gold and elixir storage and the Town Hall. Walls can be upgraded in 11 different levels:
  • In level 1 they are like wooden fences.
  • In level 2 walls are an uncut rock.
  • In level 3 they are still rocks but smoother.
  • In level 4 they are taller and become solid iron.
  • In level 5 walls are sculpted gold.
  • In level 6 walls are made of purple crystal.
  • In level 7 they are darker and much taller and sharper.
  • In level 8 walls become black crystal and have a skull.
  • In level 9 they have spikes and fires burning.
  • In level 10 they have strips of lava and occasionally waves of fire.
  • And finally, on level 11 walls have electricity arcs and sometimes there appear waves of blue energy.
The higher the level is, the more expensive the walls are, placing a wall costs 200 coins, upgrading them on level 2 has a cost of 1,000 coins, on level 7 the cost is 200,000 coins and on the last level, level eleven they are 4,000,000 coins each wall! But obviously the higher the level of your wall is, the more difficult it is to go through it.

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