Xbow | Clash of Clans

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Since in Clash of Clans an effective and strong defence is considered as important as a clever offence, there are many buildings that help us defend our village from enemies’ attacks. In the game, you will use your defences to protect and safeguard your resources and trophies from enemy troops. When you want to place defence in your village, you must think carefully about the good and the not-so-good points of each building. Placing a defensive building in the right spot can mean having a lot of victories You should keep in mind that in Clash of Clans there are air and ground units that will attack you. So you must be conscious of which building will be better placed for you. Now, let’s focus on the X-bow and its features. The X-bow is a very powerful rapid-firing gun tower and it is said to be unique for two reasons. The first one is that in order to work, it must be loaded with Elixir; and the second one is that it is the only defence that can be configured to only target ground units or both ground and air units. The position of the X-bow in your base should be behind other defences and if it is possible in the middle of the base, near to the Town Hall or storages. You must remember to refill the X-Bow with the elixir, be careful if your X-Bow is unloaded because your enemies may realize that and attack you! To destroy an X-Bow you should first distract it with Giants or P.E.K.K.As and then hit it and destroy it with Archers or Barbarians. The X-Bow will be unlocked at Town Hall level 9 because it needs a lot of resources. The X-Bow can be upgraded up to 4 levels and its colour changes from purple, gold, and dark blue to orange. Buying an X-Bow for the first time has a cost of 3,000,000 coins and it will take 7 days to be built. After that, it gets more expensive to upgrade and to reload and the building time grows as well. In summary, the X-Bow is a very useful defensive building that despite being expensive doesn’t have many disadvantages. If you place one of them in your village, you must always remember to reload it or the consequences might be bad!

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